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What is Fitna Shakeeliyat?


As we know that about 125 years ago, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad resident of Qadyan, Punjab claimed himself as Mehdi, of whom our beloved Prophet Mohammad PBUH  had prophesied.Mirza Qadyani further claimed that as prophesied by Muhammad PBUH which is also Mentioned in different ahadith, Eisa Ibn Maryam will descend to this world, he (Mirza) is only Eisa and declared himself prophet. After this, all muslim scholars declared him a kafir.

In recent years, A person named Shakeel Khan, resident of Darbhanga, Bihar claimed himself as Mehdi & Eisa in the similar way and thus gave rise to a new fitna and disblieve among ummah.

Now this has been spread in many cities. People who are spreading this Fitnaa, offer their namaz with us in same masjid in the same masjids with us & try to trap our innocent youth. They represent themselves as pious people, so that they can misguide innocent people easily.Their daawa are very secretly to youth & try to convince innocents to get disconnected to the Ulema. When they succeed in their mission, they ask for bayt on the hand of liar Shakeel.

They are preaching that Dajjal has already arrived & after Dajjal, Mehdi and Maseeh have to come & they have also arrived & now it is necessary for us to take bayt on the hand of Shakeel. Since the proclaimed Mehdi & Maseeh, Shakeel himself become very infamous, so his followers never tell his name directly & insist for bayt first.

Dear brothers, it is truly a disbelieve and fitnah of high degree. Is there any doubt in his claim? It is mentioned in the hadith about Mehdi that he will be a prophet’s descendent. It is a very known fact that Eisa belongs to Bani Israil. Shakeel does not belong to any of these categories. It is really surprising how he is claiming himself as Mehdi and Maseeh.

It is known from the hadith that Mehdi and Maseeh will live a normal life as other, However Shakeel lives a like an absconder. It is also known mentioned in the hadith that Mehdi and Maseeh will fight against evil of that time and even go for jihad and defeat them. Mehdi will establish his empire of honesty & belief and on the other hand Shakeel even can’t dream of it.

Further Shakeel did not have any pious character. He even didn’t pay respect to his parents. He threw away his father from his home in Delhi when he visited him. We can’t even think a person of such character as Mehdi and Maseeh.

Respected brothers, again making you aware that such follower of shakeel will never tell Shakeel’s name directly in the beginning. Hence if someone informs you or any of your brothers that Dajjal has arrived and Mehdi and Maseeh have also arrived and we should take bayt on his hand then be sure this is the dawah of Shakeel and his belief. So try to save yourselves and your dear ones from this fitnah.

(Maulana Ilyas Nomani sb)

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